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MHW is in the results business. Everything we do is about helping you achieve your goals.
MHW has the experience and know-how to produce campaigns from the very local to presidential and national issues.
But we’re small enough to provide all our clients with direct access to any one of us – at any time.

We’re part of your team every step of the way.

Larry McCarthy headshot

Larry McCarthy

Larry McCarthy has created some of the most famous and effective TV ads in political history, and has been recognized as a leader in the industry. Along with historian Theodore H. White, McCarthy won an Emmy Award for Best Writing in a Documentary for the two-hour nationally syndicated special "Television and the Presidency."

Rob Hennings headshot

Rob Hennings

Over 25 years, Rob has worked on numerous House races, IE campaigns, ballot measures -- as well as the campaigns of Senators Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, John Barrasso, Lisa Murkowski, and more.

David Whalen headshot

Dave Whalen

Dave Whalen has nearly twenty years of experience writing and producing advertising for political and issue campaigns at all levels.



Senator Mitch McConnell

"Spent Grains"

Senator Susan Collins


Senator John Barrasso


Governor Doug Ducey

"Chinese Professor"

Citizens Against Government Waste

"Spelling Bee"

American Crossroads


Senate Leadership Fund


Commonwealth Future


Republican Governor's Association


Congressional Leadership Fund

Ballot Initiatives

"Bad Future"

No on Prop 10


Arizonans for Affordable Energy


Idaho United Against Prop 1


No on AZ 205

"15 Pages"

No on AZ 204


Yes on AZ 123

"What's In It For You?"

Let's Rebuild California


Right to Work Oklahoma


Citizens Against Legalized Lottery

"Moving Again"

Charles Town Races and Slots


"North Carolina"

Exporters for Ex-Im


Farmers for Free Trade


American Hospital Association

"One Mission"

American Hospital Association

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